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Girls Next Door, making ends meet in a fun, novel way

I​​'m just your regular Girl Next Door...with an edge.


Quite ambitious, with an entrepeneurial  streak, and I've got bills to pay - YES college was damn expensive.

So here I am - for your amusement and mine.  This site is mainly for entertainment/novelty purposes.

 Your desire is to help a young, enterprising lady out because you are such a kind, generous soul

 and I'm here to help fill that void in your life while having a fun time doing so.


I'm no model by far, so don't expect some lithe, statuesque girl with the face of a goddess to knock on your door,

but rather a shy-ish, polite, easy  going young lady - not bad on the eyes I'm told- who will genie up some magic as per your choosing.

 While I'm no professional in any of these services, I do aim to put my best effort out there and provide a quality service so that we both

walk away happy.  I'm a good cook, a decent back rubber if you need a massage, great cuddler, dinner date and well I'm darn excellent at hanging out.


Services are purely for the novelty of it all - lets keep it fun and civil.  Be respectful. Remember..I'm someone's daughter too :)

Additional services may be offered as requested.  Feel free to tip and tell a friend.

Two hour minimum on some services.​

Gents and Ladies welcomed.

Having a good time is mandatory- so be a fun person (or at least pretend)



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